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One Life is a charitable organisation that has been set up to help accommodate, feed and educate the children of Nseleni and surrounding districts, Kwazulu, South Africa, who are suffering from malnutrition and many of whom are HIV positive or have AIDS. Where children have died from AIDS, we also help with the funeral costs.

Part of the education program is to teach adults about AIDS. In addition to this they are also taught simple craft skills so that they are able to be more self supportive and regain a sense of self worth and dignity. Whilst some specific areas of need are detailed on the back page of our leaflet, any small donation (even just £1) will make a great difference to the lives of the children. A visit to Kwazulu in 2000 started our interest in thinking of ways to help but the experience of a further visit in 2003 became the catalyst for the application for registered charity status.

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On Sunday, March 1st I heard from the secretary of Khanya's local parish priest. On January 14th burglars broke into Khanya's home and stole everything which they could find including the wheelchair which Nancy used to use.

They stole the computer and printer brought for Khanya by the charity, her mobile phone and and her tablet brought so she could email me from hospital or when the home computer broke down. At the moment we have no means of contact so I am grateful to the parish priest and his secretary. I am having to send funding to bury Nancy and this will be done in a couple of days time. Also I need to send funding to purchase another tablet for Khanya enabling her to contact me as it is vital that we keep in touch.

The charity is now down in funding so any donations would be gratefully received.

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