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News from Africa

On Sunday, March 1st I heard from the secretary of Khanya's local parish priest. On January 14th burglars broke into Khanya's home and stole everything which they could find including the wheelchair which Nancy used to use.


My dear friend Hilda of St Anne's Parish church died just before Christmas.Now in january 2015 her son Michael has just sent cheques to One Life amounting to £455 which is half the amount raised at Hildas funeral, the other half was donated to The Margaret Centre.


On the morning of the 18th December 2014, last week, my beloved friend Nancy the children in Africa's project manager sadly and unexpectedly passed away, it was also her birthday. She had gone into hospital with a lung infection and had been put on antibiotics but they didn't help and she passed away.

Two Donations Towards Nancy's Medical Fund.

Today, August 9th and also at the end of July, I received a cheque for £200 send specifically to put towards Nancy's medical Fund for next year.

Breeze Block House Completed

I heard on August 6th that the breeze block house I sent the money for, to be built for the large family of 16 whose house was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground, has now been completed and partially insulated.