Friends of One Life

The following are people and organisations who have made a big difference to my work at One Life.

Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

This centre is the culmination of all of his ambition and effort to create something different.A centre that offers more than therapies as it focuses on creating a community of well-being, built around practitioners who are truly passionate about what they do and whose integrity and conscience underpin their approach.

Waltham Forest THUSO in South Africa

Waltham Forest Thuso in South Africa is a registered charity (number 1115066).

Thuso means “helping hand” in Sesotho, one of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

Waltham Forest Thuso in South Africa is a Charitable Trust to help raise funds for supporting the increasing number of orphans and destitute students at Thuto Lesedi High School in South Africa who need

Chase Lane Primary School / Nursery Unit.

Chase Lane Primary School / Nursery Unit have been fund raising to support One Life Charity since December last year 2006. Through the generosity and interest of the staff, parents and carers of the children, in December they raised £356.92 from their Christmas Nativity Play performances. This year 2007 on my return from Kwazulu South Africa I found an email from Caron Keeley a teacher at the school to say the school had raised an additional £202.26 from the children placing coins on a giant spider's web representing The Worldwide Web.

Debbie Smith - Prince of Wales Public House

Debbie Smith manager of The Prince of Wales Public House in Basildon has made One Life their main charity and will be involved in various small fund raising events throughout the coming year.

Our grateful thanks go to Debbie and her staff for their efforts on our behalf.

Martin Evans

Martin Evans of Hertfordshire, a qualified accountant has volunteered to attend to the end of year accounts to be submitted to the Charity Commission. For this I am extremely grateful.

Rev Jude and St Anne's Parish Church, Chingford.

The Rev Jude Bullock of St Anne's Parish Church, Chingford has given One Life his complete support. . During this last year through his efforts and support he  has obtained from members of his parish  many new sponsors for the Kwazulu AIDS orphans. He himself is sponsoring one of our girls through college. Her name is Gugu Sithole and she is 18 years old and begins college in January 2007. This is at a cost of £700 per year.

Gugu has just written to the Rev. Jude to thank him for his support.

Daphne Whitehouse

Daphne Whitehouse has 10 years experience as a metaphysical counsellor. Based in London, UK, she runs regular 1 day workshops on the Inner Child, on Anger and on Prosperity and a 2 day workshop on You Can Heal Your Life based on the work of Louise L Hay.

In 1990 she started out on her own part of self development and has turned her life completely around, from being one of the 'living dead' to a person who is committed to assisting others in developing and using their own inner power to create what they want in life.

The Freedom Vibe

I met up with Jenny Fitgerald of The Freedom Vibe approx five years ago. Since then Jenny and I have become close and supportive friends.

Jenny sponsors two of the Kwazulu AID orphans and is ever supportive of One Life.

She regularly donates art materials for the handmade cards which I make and sell to raise more funds.

Peace Mala

Pam Evans is the founder of Peace Mala. I first met her three years ago and then again in August 2004 where she became interested in One Life and immediately sponsored a child from me and intoduced me to several other people who also sponsored.