We are a small charity and so have difficultly raising sufficient funds to undertake all the work we need to do. However this also means that we do not have overheads or pay any staff in this country, when you make a donation you can be assured that 100% of it goes directly towards making a difference where it is needed most.

Currently, our focus is on the following areas

  • Medicine
  • Shack repair
  • Blankets, mattresses and warm clothing for winter
  • Getting electricity into homes
  • Transport costs for getting people to clinics / hospitals
  • Keeping our emergency fund available
  • Funeral costs
  • Renovating our building to make it suitable for caring for the children (work required on the roofs, toilets, kitchen. We need electricity / water to be supplied etc),

If you would like to make a donation to One Life, please use the "Make a Donation" button at the top or bottom of the page.

This will forward you to our Paypal donation page where you can enter your payment details or log in to Paypal (if you have an account).

How donations work

To make a donation requires a credit or debit card. The donation page refers only to credit cards but debit cards are also accepted.

Paypal payments are secure and the whole donation process is encrypted so that your card details are fully protected.

You will need to enter your address, phone number and email address on the donation page. Your address and phone number are only used for payment verification and you will receive a payment confirmation email to the email address you enter.

The only personal information One Life will receive is your email address on our payment notification. However this will never be passed on to a 3rd party nor used by ourselves for marketing reasons.

If you are eligible then please also download and filled in a Gift Aid form as this allows us to claim back the tax for your donations

How much should I donate?

The donation page will ask you to enter the amount you want to donate. You can enter any amount you like.

For example:

Entering 5 means your donation will be £5.00.
Entering 20.50 means your donation will be £20.50.

We are grateful for any donation no matter what amount, but the following list should give an idea of the costs of some of our work

  • £15 - £25 school fees
  • £35 school uniform

These are both required in order for a child to enroll in school. Therefore a donation of £60 will allow a child to attend school for a year.

We also desperately need funds for the following things:

  • £4 buys a warm blanket which is essential for the winter months
  • £10 buys a foam mattress
  • £10 buys a pair of school shoes for children helped by the Hope Project (separate from the school fees above)
  • £4 buys 30 oxygel tablets which boost the immune system in HIV children